About us

Welcome to “AI in Dubai” Conference, an extraordinary event brought to you by the collaborative efforts of two Dubai’s most innovative of companies Future 10X and Eventlist LLC.

With a shared vision and expertise, we are proud to present an unparalleled platform that converges cutting-edge AI insights, dynamic discussions, and transformative networking opportunities.

About Future 10X:​

Future 10X is a trailblazing organization at the forefront of digital marketing and AI revolution. Committed to exploring the limitless potential of innovation, we have set out on a mission to bridge the gap between technologies and real-world applications.


Our team of dedicated experts, visionaries, and thought leaders is driven by the belief that the future has the power to reshape industries, elevate societies, and shape a better tomorrow.

About Event list LLC:

A distinguished event company renowned for curating exceptional experiences in the heart of Dubai.


With an illustrious track record of orchestrating world-class events, Event list brings a wealth of expertise to the table.


Their meticulous attention to detail, seamless execution, and passion for delivering excellence make them the ideal co-pilots for this remarkable conference.

Our Collaboration:

The synergy between Future 10X and Event list LLC embodies a commitment to delivering an AI conference that transcends expectations.


By harnessing the collective strengths of our teams, we are poised to create an event that showcases the transformative power of AI while providing a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and fostering innovation.

What to Expect:​

The “AI in Dubai” conference is not merely an event; it’s an experience that promises to redefine the way you perceive AI.


Expect insightful keynote addresses from luminaries in the field, engaging panel discussions, interactive workshops, and an exhibition that showcases the latest advancements in AI technology.


Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, a seasoned professional, or an industry leader, this conference offers a rich tapestry of insights, opportunities, and connections.

Boosting Homegrown AI Enterprises and Startups across Dubai and the UAE

Future 10X is proud to organize the “AI in Dubai” Conference with a distinct purpose.


Our commitment lies in fostering the dynamic growth of the local AI companies in Dubai.


As a vibrant hub of innovation, Dubai is home to a multitude of startups and established AI enterprises that are tirelessly shaping the future of technology.


The conference serves as a pivotal platform to amplify homegrown AI enterprises and startups in Dubai and across the UAE.


By uniting these forward-thinking entities, we create an environment that encourages collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the exploration of cutting-edge applications and robotics.


Our goal is to catalyze the transformation of groundbreaking ideas in Dubai into tangible solutions that can revolutionize local and international industries.


Through “AI in Dubai,” we showcase the exceptional work of local AI companies, facilitating connections between industry experts, investors, and innovators.


By shining a spotlight on the collaborative efforts and achievements of Dubai’s AI ecosystem, we contribute to its global recognition as a driving force in technological advancement.


Join us in embracing the limitless potential of AI and celebrating the contributions of local AI pioneers at the “AI in Dubai” Conference.

Together, we’re forging a path towards a more innovative and connected future.

Are you ready to make your mark in the world of AI innovation?

Our conference l presents an exclusive opportunity for you to be a part of something extraordinary. Join us as we bring together thought leaders, experts, and visionaries in the AI landscape for two days of innovation, collaboration, and growth.​

1. Exhibition Showcase:

Step onto the global stage with our exhibition showcase. Present your AI-related products, services, and technologies to a diverse audience of industry professionals, enthusiasts, and potential clients.

Gain unparalleled visibility and connect with decision-makers who are actively seeking cutting-edge solutions to transform their businesses.


2. Panel Discussions:

Share your expertise and insights on our panel discussions. As a panelist, you’ll have the chance to contribute to dynamic conversations about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in AI.

Engage in meaningful exchanges with fellow experts, inspire the audience, and position yourself as a thought leader in the field.


3. CEOs Exclusive Networking Meetings:

Elevate your networking game by participating in our exclusive CEOs / Presidents networking meetings.

Rub shoulders with top-tier executives, industry leaders, and innovators during curated sessions designed to foster meaningful connections.

Forge partnerships, explore collaboration opportunities, and gain unique perspectives from some of the brightest minds in the AI ecosystem.


Why Participate:

Visibility: Showcase your brand to a targeted audience of AI enthusiasts, professionals, and potential clients.

Thought Leadership: Share your insights and ideas on AI’s future, positioning yourself as an authority in the industry.

Networking: Connect with decision-makers, potential partners, and industry influencers.

Collaboration: Explore collaborative opportunities and partnerships that drive innovation.

Learning: Gain fresh perspectives from diverse voices during panel discussions and networking sessions.


How to Get Involved:

If you’re eager to make your mark on the AI landscape, seize this opportunity to be a part of the “AI in Dubai” Conference.

Choose your level of involvement – whether it’s through our exhibition showcase, as a panelist, or as an exclusive participant in CEOs networking meetings.

Join us in shaping the future of AI and positioning yourself at the forefront of innovation.


Secure Your Spot: Spaces are limited, and the demand is high. Don’t miss out on this chance to be a part of an event that could transform your trajectory in the AI industry.

Contact us today to learn more about the exhibition, panelist opportunities, and CEOs networking meetings. Embrace the future of AI in Dubai!

Join us:

As we embark on this remarkable journey, we invite you to be a part of something transformative. Join us on January 8 and 9, 2024, at the prestigious Palazzo Versace in Dubai, as we unravel the future of AI together.