Why in Dubai

Boosting Homegrown AI Enterprises and Startups across Dubai and the UAE


Future 10X is proud to organize the “AI in Dubai” Conference with a distinct purpose.


Our commitment lies in fostering the dynamic growth of the local AI companies in Dubai.


As a vibrant hub of innovation, Dubai is home to a multitude of startups and established AI enterprises that are tirelessly shaping the future of technology.


The conference serves as a pivotal platform to amplify homegrown AI enterprises and startups in Dubai and across the UAE.


By uniting these forward-thinking entities, we create an environment that encourages collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the exploration of cutting-edge applications and robotics.


Our goal is to catalyze the transformation of groundbreaking ideas in Dubai into tangible solutions that can revolutionize local and international industries.


Through “AI in Dubai,” we showcase the exceptional work of local AI companies, facilitating connections between industry experts, investors, and innovators.


By shining a spotlight on the collaborative efforts and achievements of Dubai’s AI ecosystem, we contribute to its global recognition as a driving force in technological advancement.


Join us in embracing the limitless potential of AI and celebrating the contributions of local AI pioneers at the “AI in Dubai” Conference.


Together, we’re forging a path towards a more innovative and connected future.