Under the Patronage of

H.H. Sheikh Rashid bin Ahmed Al Maktoum

برعاية سمو الشيخ

راشد بن أحمد آل مكتوم

Day 1
Monday, 8 January 2024

Panel - 1
“The Transformative Impact of AI Academic and Professional Advancement.”
Panel - 2
"GreenByte: AI for Sustainable Business and Investment."
Panel - 3
“AI's Pivotal Role in Advancing Healthcare and Medical Technology.”
Panel - 4
“Navigating Ethical Considerations and Regulatory Frameworks Across AI in Diverse Sectors.”
Panel - 5
“Leveraging AI for Strengthening National Security, and Cybersecurity.”

Day 2
Tuesday, 9 January 2024

Panel - 6
“Why AI in Dubai Conference?
A special keynote speech by GHANIM AL FALASI.
DSO Senior Vice-President Technology Ecosystem and Development
Panel - 7
“Revolutionizing Supply Chain and Logistics Management through Artificial Intelligence Innovations.”
Panel - 8
"AI and Smart Cities, Urban Intelligence and Data Analysis."
Panel - 9
“Enhancing Customer and Consumer Services through Artificial Intelligence Advancements.”
Panel - 10
“Transforming Human Resources Development and Elevating Hiring Practices with Artificial Intelligence.”

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Conference Location:

Palazzo Versace Dubai Al Jaddaf 

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