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Asem Galal.


With a heartfelt dedication to advancing the business

realm, Asem Galal’s contributions have been recognized

through various global awards, highlighting his role in driving companies toward innovative growth and development. His extensive experience, spanning over thirty years, is a testament to his deep commitment to reshaping business strategies, investing in people, and thoughtfully incorporating technology to steer organizations toward their ambitions.


Embarking on his professional journey in the early ’90s with IDSC, Asem honed his skills in the trenches of tech development before expanding his horizon to pivotal roles at Microsoft, HP, and McAfee. Here, he applied his keen insight to product management, marketing, and sales, nurturing these divisions to thrive and expand within the competitive landscape of technology.


With the establishment of Galal & Karawi Consulting (G&K) in 2008, Asem infused his indepth expertise into a paradigm focused on driving company growth through transformation in business models, empowering people, leveraging technology, and forging strategic partnerships. His firm serves as a catalyst for change, encouraging a diverse range of clients, from innovative startups to Fortune 500 companies and regional government entities, to envision and reach their full potential in an evolving global marketplace.


In his engagements as a keynote speaker and panelist, Asem offers a resonant voice that speaks to the heart of innovation and progress at various regional forums. His analytical take on the digital era’s transformative tide is a valued narrative in esteemed media, with platforms like Forbes and CNBC Arabic regularly featuring his thoughtful analyses. His insights are not merely shared but are embraced as a guiding light by those navigating the complex interplay of business and technology