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Aus Alzubaidi.


Aus Alzubaidi is a seasoned CISO with an 18-year trailblazing career in strategic innovation and digital transformation within MENA, Europe, and North America. His seasoned leadership has been instrumental in spearheading over 400 projects, guiding project portfolios exceeding USD 350 million, and shaping cutting-edge security architectures and operations.


Under his stewardship, his teams have been pivotal in developing advanced use cases for several SIEMs and SOCs, creating sophisticated centralized monitoring systems. Aus has steered cloud security initiatives, laying down robust security architectures and landing zones, bolstered by his strategic oversight in deploying and managing CSPM and CNAPP platforms.


Aus’s philosophy on cybersecurity is grounded in the principle of defence in depth—acknowledging that a robust security posture is built on the foundation of fundamental hygiene and preemptive measures. He champions the belief that diligent “fire-fighting” and adherence to best practices can thwart the majority of significant risks and attacks, ensuring a resilient defense against evolving threats.


He has capably managed sizable budgets, aligning them with security projects tailored to organizational needs, and has enacted IT security policies that safeguard against unauthorized access while meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements. His collaborative efforts with technical teams have fortified security controls around critical on-air systems, ensuring integrity and visibility of high-value assets. A leader in risk management, Aus ensures continuous monitoring and proactive responses to security risks. His involvement in coordinating with GRC teams to execute security audits and risk assessments upholds compliance with standards such as NIST and GDPR, reflecting his comprehensive approach to IT security governance.


An influential figure, Aus’s strategic insights have been sought after at prominent industry events, and his contributions have been recognized with esteemed awards such as the CXO50 2023 Visionary and the Cyber Strategists Award 2023. His membership in elite tech circles and advisory roles within academic and professional organizations demonstrates his enduring impact on the cybersecurity landscape.