AI in Dubai Conference

Dr. Nadia Dahmani.


Dr. Nadia Dahmani is a distinguished figure in the world of academia, currently serving as a faculty member at Zayed University’s College of Technological Innovation. She holds a Ph.D. in Business Applied Computer Science, earned through a partnership with the University of Science and Technology of Lille, France, and the Higher Institute of Management Tunis, University of Tunis, Tunisia.


With over 13 years in academia and advisory roles in assessing the impact of emerging artificial intelligence technologies, information systems, and industrial management operations. Through her active involvement in shaping the academic discourse, Dr. Dahmani makes valuable contributions to program committees such as the head of academic partnerships committee. Her contributions extend beyond committee work, as evidenced by the awards she has received for her outstanding achievements in the field.


Dr. Dahmani is also an active researcher in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Decision-Making Techniques, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management giving rise to numerous publications in international journals and conference proceedings. Furthermore, she has received funds to carry out research and collaborate with the industry bridging the gap between the theory and real-world practices.