AI in Dubai Conference

Dr. Hikmat Beaini.


Hikmat Beaini, CEO of Future 10X, and the President of the “AI in Dubai” conference, is an accomplished professional with a diverse academic and professional background.


He holds a Doctorate in Business from Switzerland and a Master of Laws from the USA. Currently serving as the CEO of Future10x and a corporate trainer based in Dubai, UAE.


Beaini is a certified member of the Dubai International Arbitration Center.


Notably, Beaini holds the distinction of being the first author to write a book with ChatGpt in Arabic. He is a sought-after speaker on the topic of AI in business, bringing his expertise to various forums.


Prior to his current roles, Beaini served as the Chief of Happiness at the University of Dubai and held the position of Director of Information at the American University of Beirut (AUB).


His experience as a corporate trainer and university instructor extends to teaching subjects such as Business Law, Mass Communications, Integrated Marketing, and Corporate Branding in Dubai. Additionally, he has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on topics ranging from human resources development to happiness and employee performance.


Beaini’s career also includes hosting radio and television shows in Washington DC, Beirut, and Dubai. He has authored nine books on government and public affairs and has been instrumental in assisting various organizations in developing their strategic communication and marketing plans.