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Dr. Jihene Mrabet.


Dr. Jihene Mrabet’s journey through the world of Clinical Psychology is marked by a profound passion for research and a deep understanding of human psychology with a distinguished PhD in Clinical Psychology from France and the distinction of holding two master’s degrees, one in professional Clinical Psychology and the other in the intricate field of Psychopathology.

Her journey of exploration and practice commenced in 2008, and it has been nothing short of a remarkable odyssey. Dr. Mrabet’s commitment to the art of teaching and the noble endeavor of imparting knowledge to eager minds is evident in every facet of her work.

Her areas of research are as diverse as they are vital, covering a rich tapestry of subjects, from Children and Adolescence psychology to Addiction, Health Psychology, Psychopathology, and the nuanced realm of Positive Psychology. Dr. Mrabet’s contributions extend to the profound understanding of Trauma, making her a beacon of hope in this complex field.

Currently, as a faculty member at Amity University Dubai, she takes on the crucial role of nurturing the minds of future generations. Her leadership as the Head of the Center of Excellence for Research about Health and Wellbeing showcases her dedication to advancing knowledge in the field.


Furthermore, Dr. Mrabet’s contributions to reputable journals have added significant value to the academic landscape. Her work has explored topics such as Borderline personality, the pivotal role of humor in sustaining education, the profound impact of the Covid Pandemic on students’ mental health, the perceptive analysis of violence among children and teenagers in Dubai, the complex interplay between plagiarism and family values, the enigmatic realm of Endometriosis and femininity, and the ever-evolving world of AI.