AI in Dubai Conference

Prof. Mohammed Otair.


Prof. Mohammed Otair has been the Dean of Khawarizmi University Technical College since September 2023. He holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence. His extensive teaching and training experience spans over 24 years, primarily focusing on information technology courses for university students.


Prof. Otair has held various leadership positions throughout his career, including: (1) Digitization Expert with MSI (USAID project), (2) Head of multiple academic departments, (3) Computer Center Manager at two universities, (4) Director of International Office & External Relations, and (5) Domain Digitization Expert with several ministries in the UAE. Additionally, he is a certified EFQM Assessor.


Prof. Otair is a prolific author with over 90 scientific publications to his name. He has also actively participated in the international scientific community, organizing and attending more than 28 conferences and contributing to over 62 international journal papers, primarily focused on Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing. His commitment to education extends beyond teaching, as he has supervised 46 master’s theses and 2 Ph.D. dissertations in the fields of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.